How-to Videos

The Communications and Marketing team supports the development of task-specific, how-to videos where full motion is necessary to communicate an idea or process to customers.

The Communications and Marketing team will support the development of professional how-to videos.  After reviewing production requests, our team will work with you to clearly focus the topic, refine scope, and create a working plan.  At that point, the Communications and Marketing team will contract third-party vendors to shoot, produce, and edit your video.  These videos will be primarily delivered online. 

For a more specific outline of the production process, see Production Roles and Responsibilities.

How-to Videos Are:

  • Clearly demonstrate actions or activities
  • An actual demonstration of the material you're discussing (i.e. shot in a barn, field, kitchen, beside a pond, etc).
  • Only produced when full-motion video is required for learning purposes
  • Typically a premium/for sale product