Select your expert category areas in the new Plone CMS.

The updated Penn State Extension website contains "Expert" pages, similar to a Directory or Team page in the previous Extension site. The new "Expert" pages align with the Category Level 2 landing pages, and it's necessary for you to select the appropriate Category values in Plone in order for you to be listed as an Expert.

Here are the steps to follow to select the Category values that apply to you.

Step One: Locate your profile in the Extension Plone CMS directory. Click on your name to open your profile page.

Step Two: Click on the "Edit" tab in the green bar.

Step Three: Select "Categorization" from the first drop-down menu.

Step Four: Select the appropriate Category Level 1 and Category Level 2 values that are relevant to you by highlighting the value(s) from the left-hand box and clicking the right arrow to move them to the right-hand box. Do this for both Category Level 1 and the corresponding Category Level 2s.

All Educators and Faculty should have at least one value of each level selected, and it's encouraged to select multiple if your expertise is relevant. Here are two examples of Category selections.

Example One:

Expert Category Selections - Example 1

Example Two:

Expert Category Selections - Example 2

Step Five: Once you have completed your Category selections, click the gray "Save" button at the bottom of the page.