Learn the strategy behind your profile presence on the extension website, and how to manage the details in Plone.

The Penn State Extension website places a heavy emphasis on educators and faculty. As a result, it is easy for website visitors to search for content by educator or faculty member, and learn more about these individuals. It is important that the profile information we display for customers is helpful. There are four key items you need to set up in your profile:

  1. Job Title
  2. Biography
  3. Areas of Expertise
  4. Expert page Category selections

Job Title

The job titles listed on the website for educators, faculty or administrative support positions should be helpful for the customer and provide context for the website visitor.

Extension Educators

The extension educator job title should list the official Penn State Job Classification, followed by an approved descriptor. Below are examples of possible job titles:

  • Extension Educator, Poultry
  • Program Assistant, 4-H Youth Development
  • Extension Associate, Fruit

Job Classification Values

When creating or updating, please use the following job classification values that align with your Penn State job classification:

  • Education Program Assistant
  • Education Program Associate
  • Extension Assistant
  • Extension Associate
  • Extension Educator
  • Education & Strategy Planning Manager

Descriptor Values

When updating your profile, please use one of the following approved descriptors. These descriptors were approved by ADPs.

Your Extension UnitApproved Descriptor to use in your Job Tile
4-H Youth Development 4-H Youth Development
Agronomy and Natural Resources Agronomy
Agronomy and Natural Resources Renewable Natural Resources
Animal Systems Animal Systems
Animal Systems Poultry
Animal Systems Livestock
Animal Systems Equine
Animal Systems Dairy
Energy, Entrepreneurship, and Community Development Business Management
Energy, Entrepreneurship, and Community Development Community & Economic Development
Energy, Entrepreneurship, and Community Development Shale Gas
Food, Families, and Health Food, Families & Health
Food Safety and Quality Food Safety & Quality
Horticulture Tree Fruit
Horticulture Green Industry
Horticulture Fruit
Horticulture Vegetable
Horticulture Master Gardener Program


The faculty job title should list a title and a descriptor that aligns with those defined by the department. Below are examples of faculty job titles:

  • Professor of Agronomy
  • Associate Professor of Horticulture
  • Associate Professor of Food Science


The profile page provides valuable details regarding the educator or faculty member, and it is important for visitors to see a quick profile biography. This allows a website visitor to quickly understand the expert's area of expertise, focus, and/or background. However, it is extremely important for the profile to be written in manner that is easy for a visitor of any skill level or background to understand.

Your profile could include:

  • Your education and/or qualifications
  • Any additional services you provide or sub-groups you work with
  • More biographical background information (i.e. places you've worked at before your current position and efforts you were involved with)
  • Anything else that might help people narrow down whether you are the right person to contact about an issue. For example, if you are a leader in a specific subject area or if you serve a certain area of the state for an issue.

Keep your biography brief and broad. You want people to be able to glance at your profile and know that you're the person they're interested in learning from or who could answer their question. More information, like specific research interests or projects, publications, and detailed biographical information, will live elsewhere.

Profile Biography Examples

Kerry E. Kaylegian

Kerry is a dairy foods researcher at Penn State's University Park campus. She holds a bachelor's and master's degree in Food Science from University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Ph.D. in Food Science from Cornell University.

Her programs focus on providing technical support and delivering outreach programs to improve the safety and quality of dairy products. She also directs and lectures in short courses on dairy HACCP, preventive controls and food safety, cheese making, dairy basics for artisan processors, pasteurizer operations, cultured products manufacture, and fundamentals of food science and assists with the ice cream and sanitation short courses, and custom workshops at Penn State.

Her research intends to help artisanal and small-scale cheesemakers improve the quality and safety of their cheeses. She is also interested in the functional and nutritional properties of milk fat as an ingredient and the sensory evaluation of dairy products.

Kerry also serves as an international cheese and dairy product judge, coach of the Penn State Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Team, Chair of the Pennsylvania Farm Show Cheese Competition, and advisor to the Penn State Cheese Club.

Jim Ladlee

Jim currently serves as the Penn State Extension Assistant Director of Energy, Entrepreneurship, and Community Development Programs. He holds two degrees in Agricultural & Extension Education from Penn State.

Jim has extensive experience working with all aspects of community and economic development with a variety of stakeholders including the public, industry, business, government, education, and non-governmental organizations. His experience ranges from organizational development to strategic planning, and shale economics to understanding the fundamentals or shale development. His research efforts have included workforce analysis, shale economics, production analysis, industry best practices and supply chain development.

He also serves as the Penn State Director of TOPCORP, an international technical training initiative for oil and gas regulators with less than 3-years of experience, in the Appalachian Basin.

Areas of Expertise

Your profile on the Penn State Extension website also contains a section for "Areas of Expertise" where you can enter a list of values of your choosing. This list should be specific and concise and provides the user with a quick way to find the right contact person. Examples include:

  • Dairy Food Safety
  • Sensory Analysis of Dairy Products
  • Artisanal Cheese


  • Shale Best Practices
  • Oil and Gas Land Use
  • Decline Curve Analysis

Expert page Category selections

The Penn State Extension website contains "Expert" pages that list the educators and faculty focused on that subject area. These pages function much like the directory pages we have on our current site, and serve as an important resource for our website users to learn about and trust the people behind our products.

On the website, expert pages are aligned with the level two categories, such as Dairy, Vegetables, Forest Products, or Children and Families. In order for you to be listed on an expert page, you need to make the appropriate category selections in your profile in the Plone CMS. It's possible that your expertise falls into more than one category, and we encourage you to select all relevant categories that apply to you.

Example category selections for the expert pages are below, using a schema of Category Level 1: Category Level 2 -

  • Food Safety and Processing: Commercial Food Processing


  • Business and Operations: Business Management
  • Community Development: Community Planning and Engagement
  • Community Development: Economic Development
  • Energy: Marcellus Shale and Natural Gas

Learn how to manage your expert area category selections in Plone.

Directory Profile Management in Plone

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