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Web articles are in-depth, technical pieces that provide information to expand knowledge, solve a problem, or introduce new methodology.


A publication could be as simple as a pamphlet, or as complex as a several hundred page manual. Publications could be hard copy or digital products.


The Penn State Extension site allows for the robust delivery of news and other time sensitive information. News items are relevant and timely information that is not considered "evergreen."

Workshops and Courses

Workshops and courses include face-to-face meetings or field-based experiences with instruction and hands-on activities.

Learn Now Videos

Learn Now videos allow you to create short educational videos to help your customers learn in an easy, appealing way.

Online Courses

Online training courses can be built by bundling existing content from other product lines into a focused learning experience, or developed with entirely new content generated by faculty and educators. Training will be delivered through a learning management system designed for ease of use by customers and provide the necessary tools to create a robust educational experience.


Webinars are useful educational delivery for specific situations and customers. A webinar might be engaged to allow access to customers unable to attend a live event, or to eliminate the travel and high costs of conducting a face-to-face workshop or course.

Tools and Apps

Tools and Apps are any utility that works to provide data-driven answers. The delivery method depends on the specific tool (i.e. app or smart spreadsheet).

Directory Profile

Learn the strategy behind your profile presence on the extension website, and how to manage the details in Plone.

Product Production
Learn Now Videos