Marketing and Communications How-to Guide

Branding Resources

Find the Penn State, College, and Extension marks, official University Statements, and information about ordering stationery and business cards.

Email and Newsletters

Extension Product Descriptions

Explore the product lines offered by Penn State Extension, and learn more about available support and opportunities to expand your reach!

Marketing Strategy

Online Courses

Learn the process for developing an online course with the Digital Education team.

Photography and Image Resources

Find sources for quality images, including access to the college's repository, ImageRelay. Also learn about copyright and image use guidelines, and tips on how to take quality photos.

Plone Content Management System (CMS)

Find details for managing website content using Plone, from how to access and log in to the system, to best practices for naming your pages and products.


View the policies, guidelines, and best practices for hosting a Podcast with Penn State Extension.

PowerPoint Templates

This section includes PowerPoint templates to download for the College of Agricultural Sciences and Penn State Extension. They include proper branding and are ready to use in 4:3 or 16:9 format.


Learn how to access and log into Salesforce for Penn State Extension.

Social Media

Find guidelines and best practices for managing a social media presence for your program or unit.


This section includes guidelines for producing a Learn Now video for Extension. It also includes information about how to embed a video on a college or department website.


Learn how to plan for and execute a successful webinar for Extension customers. Processes and best practices are included for planning, hosting, delivering, and recording.

Website Policies and Best Practices

Here you will find the College's web hosting policy, information to support best practices, and an introduction to Google Analytics.

Workfront Project Management and Request System

Learn how to log in and submit a request to the Ag Communications and Marketing unit using Workfront.