Communications and Marketing How-To's

Branding Resources

University guidelines for visual identity and use of the Penn State marks.

Print and web versions of the Penn State mark are available in Box.

Print and web versions of the college mark are available in Box.

Print and web versions of the Extension mark are available in Box.

All Penn State social media accounts must use these marks as their profile pictures.

Included are the required Funding, Availability, Accommodation, Disclaimer, Affirmative Action, Copyright, and 4-H statements.

All business cards, letterhead, and envelopes should be ordered through Penn State’s Multimedia and Print Center.

PowerPoint Templates

Find the Penn State Extension, Pennsylvania 4-H, and College of Agricultural Sciences PowerPoint templates for the 4:3 display format that applies to in-person presentations.

Find instructions, examples, and the PowerPoint template for the 16:9 display format that applies to Learn Now video production.

Use this template for Learn Now videos requiring 4-H branding.

Use these PowerPoint slides in your presentation to encourage customers to stay connected to Penn State Extension.

The following PowerPoint (.ppt) file contains four brief slides that should be added to all in-person presentations delivered to our Extension customers.


Publicly accessible web pages presenting college information must be hosted within the college's content management system.

By following web and accessibility best practices, you can make your content discovered and usable by a wide audience.

This document will help you get started using the college's Google Analytics reporting features. Comprehensive reports for all college or site traffic can be generated, as well as reports for specific Web sites.


Here you will find information for managing products for the Extension website and related programs, such as Pennsylvania 4-H, Better Kid Care, and the Master Gardener Program.

Marketing Strategy

Extension marketing should be designed to reach a targeted audience, in the manner they have chosen to receive it. With Salesforce as our system of record, and advanced technology available, we no longer conduct mass marketing to large or private audiences.

We've heard a lot of questions surrounding the new marketing approach. Here's a summary of the most frequently asked questions.

The following PowerPoint (.ppt) file contains four brief slides that should be added to all in-person presentations delivered to our Extension customers.

The following PowerPoint (.ppt) file contains four brief slides that should be added to all in-person presentations delivered to our Extension customers.

Email and Newsletters

Guidelines for sending promotional emails and complying with the CAN-SPAM Act.

Learn how to create and send an email newsletter using the Plone template. This applies to the College and Department websites.

Instructions and guidelines regarding the use of Penn State's LISTSERV email management tool.

This form should be used by Penn State Extension to obtain opt-in consent for marketing communications during face-to-face meetings such as events, or office walk-ins.

Use this one-page handout to help guide customers in selecting their communication preferences and areas of interest with Penn State Extension.

Newsletters can be a great tool to keep customers engaged and up-to-date with Penn State Extension; but what's the right way to craft and send them?

An example of a Dairy newsletter.

Social Media

All Penn State social media accounts must use these marks as their profile pictures.

There are a wide variety of tools available to track specific attributes of social media efforts.


Using high-quality images is important when creating digital educational content. This guide includes information about image permissions, creative commons licensing, and required attributions.

This video discusses a simple approach to reliably produce images for use in PowerPoint presentations, videos, and other media products.

As faculty members, educators, or staff members, your unique expertise is highly sought by customers of Penn State Extension from industry to homeowners. Developing foundational skills in photography will help you consistently produce images to support the ideas and processes you wish to communicate.

Are you taking pictures or video for use in marketing materials, Learn Now videos or on the website? Use this release form to obtain consent from individuals.


Find step-by-step tutorials and Camtasia tool tips to produce your LearnNow videos.

Follow these step-by-step instructions in order to embed a YouTube video on your website using the Plone CMS.


Learn how to plan for and execute a successful webinar for Extension. Processes and best practices are included.

Webinars are a useful educational delivery method for specific situations and customers. A webinar can allow access to an in-depth presentation for customers unable to attend a live event, and can eliminate the travel and costs of conducting a shorter face-to-face workshop or course.

This document details how to publish a recorded Zoom webinar to the Penn State Extension website.

PDF, 449.5 KB

Reference and share this PDF guide for copyright and image use with your webinar presenters. All presenters, including those external to Penn State, are subject to following these guidelines.


The ability to log in to Salesforce via Penn State Web Access is now available. Follow these quick steps to learn how to take advantage of this new feature and how to access the new login portal:

Extension Products

Explore the product lines and learn more about best practices, available support and how-to's, and opportunities to expand your reach!

Web articles are in-depth, technical pieces that provide information to expand knowledge, solve a problem, or introduce new methodology.

A publication could be as simple as a pamphlet, or as complex as a several hundred page manual. Publications could be hard copy or digital products.

The Penn State Extension site allows for the robust delivery of news and other time sensitive information. News items are relevant and timely information that is not considered "evergreen."

Workshops and courses include face-to-face meetings or field-based experiences with instruction and hands-on activities.

Learn Now videos allow you to create short educational videos to help your customers learn in an easy, appealing way.

Online training courses can be built by bundling existing content from other product lines into a focused learning experience, or developed with entirely new content generated by faculty and educators. Training will be delivered through a learning management system designed for ease of use by customers and provide the necessary tools to create a robust educational experience.

Webinars are useful educational delivery for specific situations and customers. A webinar might be engaged to allow access to customers unable to attend a live event, or to eliminate the travel and high costs of conducting a face-to-face workshop or course.

Tools and Apps are any utility that works to provide data-driven answers. The delivery method depends on the specific tool (i.e. app or smart spreadsheet).

Learn the strategy behind your profile presence on the extension website, and how to manage the details in Plone.