Rebecca is a freshman in the Enviornmental Sciences program. She represents a non-traditional Agsci student who does not have an agriculture background.
Rebecca represents a non-traditional student

Rebecca represents a non-traditional student

"The diverse and fascinating ecosystems of the world are something we all need to preserve, as well as the animals and people who live in them.  The research and international focus of the College is especially attractive to me.  The collaboration opportunities and the dedicated faculty of the Environmental Science and Policy program make this an exciting place to be."

Rebecca is a freshman from Arlington, VA. Although she did not grow up on a farm or even in a rural community, she has always appreciated the peace and beauty of the nearby countryside. Throughout her high school years, she has been interested in preserving the environment, and has been involved in numerous recycling and conservation activities.  Rebecca's parents are involved in businesses that require overseas travel.  Consequently, she has had various international travel experiences, including a trip to Costa Rica for a youth group ministry project.  This was a very rewarding experience.  It opened her eyes to the grinding poverty suffered by so many villagers. This led her to organize a Tom's Shoes movement at her local high school. 

Because of these early experiences, Rebecca was motivated to participate in a Peruvian conservation project during the summer following her high school graduation. She was amazed at the beauty and diversity of the rain forests.  This experience further strengthened her commitment to working in the environmental sciences.  She was attracted to Penn State because of its reputation, but also because of the breadth of opportunities that the Environmental Sciences program offered.  She is hoping to be doing some form of undergraduate research as she gains experience.

Rebecca lives on campus in the dorm she shares with two other College of Ag students.  She is very comfortable with technology and uses Twitter, Facebook, and email to communicate with friends and family.  She finds the College of Ag community very supportive of students.  She is especially excited about the potential for cross-discipline opportunities that are available.  Tapping into other related areas will offer a well-rounded education.

Key Aspects:

  • Strong in science and math
  • Has had considerable international travel experience
  • Actively involved in Tom's Shoes community
  • President of the student government in high school
  • Parents hold corporate senior management positions 
  • Attracted to the college because it will prepare her for an active role in shaping environmental policies.


  • Vice President of the Environmental Society
  • Thon participant
  • Member of Earth House