Rachael is currently a freshman in Agricultural Science.
Rachael is a typical undergraduate student

Rachael is a typical undergraduate student

"I've been involved in Agriculture my whole life.  A degree in Agricultural Science can help me to develop the leadership and communication skills needed to be an ag professional."

Rachael has worked in 4-H for many years, as both a student member and a leader. She has admired many of her mentors throughout the years.  When she thinks of her future, she knows she would like to be involved in developing and promoting ag programs in schools and communities.  She feels she would be building on skills she has already developed.  During her high school years she was also been involved in several environmental causes.  These experiences have helped her to recognize the need for greater awareness of agricultural and environmental impacts.

Rachael feels that the skills she learns in her degree program will transfer to a number of different fields.  She is aware that she is not confined to taking classes in her major, but can expand her focus according to her interests. Her advisor has been very helpful, and Rachael feels confident that she will be a guiding force in the future.  

Rachael lives on campus in the dorm.  She shares her room with a roommate who is also an Ag Science major.  She has her own computer and uses IM, text messaging, and email to communicate with friends. She appreciates the support that she finds in her major.  She was surprised at how approachable the faculty are; questions and difficulties can be cleared up without too much anxiety.  Though shy, she is surprised at how easy it is to make friends. She is beginning to feel more confident and  is excited about everything that she has learned.

Key Aspects:

  • Rachael is pssionate about the environment and would like to gain knowledge and skills that will help her to make an impact.
  • She would like to explore the options that are available in her degree and enhance her undergrad experience.
  • Enjoys traveling and seeing new places.


  • Treasurer for NAMA
  • Is a member of the Ag Science Club
  • Works 10 hours/week at the Creamery


Rachael knows that leadership and communications skills will be vital to working in any field.  She seeks out opportunities that will help her develop these skills.  She has recently joined the PSU chapter of the National Agri-Marketing Association, and is looking forward to her trip to Dallas, later this year.  She also hopes to acquire international experience at some point. Rachael was quite nervous about coming to such a big campus, but found that being in the college of Ag Sciences helps it all make sense.  There are many options, though, and trying to sort through everything can be overwhelming.  She also struggles with time management issues as she juggles school and recreational activities.