Jared is currently a second year DUS student.
Jared is a second year DUS Student

Jared is a second year DUS Student

"I was attracted to Penn State because of its reputation and its vibrant campus"

Jared needs to declare a major. He is leaning towards the science field, but does not want to teach and does not feel that he wants to continue with graduate school upon graduation. He has taken a number of science classes, including biology and chemistry. He enjoys math and his skills are above average. He has looked into engineering, but wonders if there might be another field that he would enjoy. Jared has good computer skills, and enjoys technology, but does not want a job that requires him to sit at a desk all day.

Two areas that he feels an affinity for are the environment-related programs and the science programs.  He realizes that the Green movement is growing and the thought of working in this arena is appealing to him.  Recently, Jason met a Food Science major.  He was surprised to learn that it involved the science disciplines, especially chemistry and biology.  He is planning to learn more about this program.

Jared lives off campus in an apartment that he shares with three other students.  He has a Facebook page and uses other social networking. He has an iphone, and considers himself tech savvy.

Jared loves Penn State football games. He enjoys biking and has managed a few tours. Although he comes from a small town in Southwestern Pennsylvania, he hopes to be able to someday be working in an urban area. He feels there is much more excitement and entertainment in the cities. He is also interested in traveling and studying in other countries.

Key Attributes:

  • Jason owns an iphone and considers himself tech savvy.
  • Has limited knowledge of French.
  • Enjoys science and math
  • Enjoys sports and loves Penn State football games
  • Hobbies include biking, backpacking, and skiing


  • Plays inter-mural baseball
  • Works at a local restaurant part-time