Jennifer is a 29 year old graduate student in Entomology.
Jennifer is a typical graduate student

Jennifer is a typical graduate student

“My adviser is key to my success in my Ph.D. program. I strongly believe that the match between student and professor is very important for the development of good research and student’s achievement.”

She is writing her dissertation on Interactions between insects and their pathogens and parasites, and is teaching an undergraduate class on insect identification. Jennifer lives with her two cats in an apartment she shares with a roommate, and for relaxation she is enjoys biking and playing the piano. Although she uses VPN to connect to her campus network, she finds it hard to get work done at home, so Jennifer usually works in the large office she shares with other graduate students

Each day, Jennifer spends some amount of time on research, course work, or preparation for teaching. Course development is important. Teaching preparation seems to take up much of her time. She prefers to do research online and uses the library’s online journals. Jennifer is familiar with most of the resources in a library and how to use them, but she doesn’t hesitate to ask a librarian for help in finding obscure materials.

Jennifer spends the majority of her time online doing research for teaching, but she is always on the lookout for materials pertinent to her dissertation topic. She meets with other students at a weekly gathering where colleagues share what they have learned in their research during the previous week. She also seeks advice from graduates in other departments, her faculty advisor, and other professors, particularly if she knows that someone else has worked on specific topics.

However, due to spending so much time on research, Jennifer often feels isolated from other graduate students and faculty from around the campus. She feels that the University lacks an outlet where the community's ideas and interests can be actively shared. She is looking to become engaged in the broader academic community, and currently no online outlets exist that would allow her to do this.

Key Attributes:

  • Jennifer enjoys sports and was a member of the Women's Field Hockey team in high school and college.
  • She speaks some Spanish and has visited several countries in Latin America.
  • She is especially interested in the flora and fauna of tropical rain forests
  • Her hobbies include 



  • Uses online sources for gathering research information
  • Spends much of her time researching material for her teaching assignments