Matt is a Junior studying Immunology and Infectious Diseases.
Matt is a typical undergrad student

Matt is a typical undergrad student

"Penn State offers so many opportunities for growth and an extensive selection of sports and social activities." 

He grew up in a  mid sized city in Pennsylvania.  He chose Penn State because he felt it was such an attractive, exciting place to be. He enjoys the variety of activities and resources available.  He lives off campus with two other students in an apartment.  He uses his laptop to keep up with class notes and assignments and is very comfortable with technology. 

Matt  likes professors who make use of online resources, such as posting class notes.   In his spare time, he participates in intramural football and is a member of the biomedical science club on campus.  He works 12 hours a week in the dining halls.  He sometimes feels overwhelmed since some of his classes are demanding.  

Key Aspects:

  • Enjoys sports
  • Strong in technology


  • Part-time job in dining hall
  • THON Participant
  • Ag Hill Olympics


As he nears graduation, Matt is finding that many of his classes are becoming more demanding and there are times he begins to feel overwhelmed.  Matt is considering graduate school or possibly something in the medical field upon graduation but wonders if he is up to the rigors.  He would like to begin exploring this option but isn't quite sure where to begin.  He wonders if there is someone who advises students on graduate school.