Undergraduate Student

Amy is a sophmore majoring in Agroecology and minoring in Entomology.

Her family owns and operates an apple orchard near Gettysburg, PA.  She is very concerned about the honeybee crisis and would someday like to be involved in finding solutions to this pressing challenge.  She is pleased with the honeybee research that is being done at Penn State and was actually able to secure part time work in the lab.  Amy's schedule is quite full, but when she is not in class, she enjoys playing her guitar and hanging out with friends. 

Amy loves the Penn State campus and the close-knit ag community.  She is a member of the Ag Student Council.  She attends most home football and basketball games.  Amy finds her classes challenging, but feels the staff and faculty are very supportive.  She plans to return to the family farm after graduation, but continues to hope that she may someday be able to attend grad school.

Key Attributes:

  • Amy is moderately fluent in Spanish and hopes to participate in an international experience before she graduates.
  • She is very interested in the environment and sustainable agriculture.


  • Works part time in the bee research lab.
  • Helps to organize the Ag Hill Olympics
  • Serves as treasurer for the Ag Student Council