Undergraduate Student

Jason is a Sophomore majoring in Animal Science
Jason is a typical undergraduate in the Dairy and Animal Science Program

Jason is a typical undergraduate in the Dairy and Animal Science Program

"My experience with animals through my 4-H involvement was very instrumental in guiding me to Penn State.  There are many ways to be involved and so much to learn."

Although he did not grow up on a farm, Jason has always enjoyed being around animals and has cared for numerous pets as a youngster.  Involvement in a local 4-H program and a trip to Montana in his senior year of high school helped him to realize that working with animals might be a career option.  He loved his involvement with taking care of the horses on a working ranch, and is now beginning to take riding lessons at a local riding stable. 

One new experience for Jason has been a trip to Ireland with the Dairy Science club.  He was able to get a global perspective on dairy farming that was quite unique.  He now realizes  that there are many opportunities for growth and avenues of study that can be considered in his career options. He especially enjoys the camaraderie he shares with his classmates, and the special experiences they have had working with animals.  

Key Attributes:

  • He has somewhat limited computer experience, but is fairly comfortable with technology and he is a quick learner. 
  • He has been a moderately good science and math student.
  • He feels confident that he can handle most of the science requirements of his curriculum, and is especially interested in animal nutrition.
  • Jason would like to explore the various options that an Animal Science program might offer.  He finds he is thinking more about Veterinary school, but has not made a final decision. 


  • Works several hours a week in the Penn State Dairy Barns
  • Participates in the Dairy Science club hosting events and helping to raise money.
  • Works with his academic advisor to help carve out his course of study to take advantage of cross-departmental opportunities.
  • Participates in Ag Hill Olympics.