Future Students

Suggestions and questions to inspire content strategies

What makes Ag Sci special?

Showcase any special program/activity/learning opportunity that exemplifies the uniqueness of a program or experience.

Prepare to document the strengths and success of your program in a tangible and exciting manner

Video intense sites are the most energetic. They engage users on multiple levels and enhance the user experience. To hear a student talk about their experiences with enthusiasm and satisfaction can serve to motivate and inspire in a way that the printed word cannot.

Student videos that display the enthusiasm and excitement generated by these experiences:

  • leadership opportunities
  • making an impact in the larger community
  • exciting career opportunities
  • international experiences
  • learning and growth experiences that inspired
  • hands on learning opportunities
  • internship experiences
  • special relationships that developed

Qualities to Emphasize: What characteristics would you like visitors to know about your program/department?

  • Is it nationally recognized?
  • What is the unique strength of your program?
  • What kinds of experiences are especially exciting to your students?
  • What special leadership and growth experiences do you offer your students?
  • Are you involved in international research?
  • Do you offer research opportunities to undergrad students?
  • Do you offer mentoring programs?
  • Do you connect your students with exceptional internship opportunities?
  • What do your students say about your program, your faculty and staff, their opportunities?
  • What prompted them to choose your program?
  • Do your students enjoy a close relationship with the faculty?
  • Do you offer exceptional support to your students?
  • Have any of your programs/research been featured in national news?
  • How does your research make an impact?
  • How are you helping to solve the problems of your community, world problems?
  • What kinds of exciting activities have your students been involved in?
  • Do you have any special student success stories?
  • Does your program conduct research that is highly specialized and unique?
  • What are the career options that are highly attractive to students?