Content Focus

The idea here is not to dictate exactly what should be done, but to generate ideas for inspiring, engaging our students, and synergyizing our efforts.

Suggestions for creating engagement:¶

  • A column that is developed primarily by academic advisers
    devoted to information they deem helpful to students. This could include topics such as academic success, emotional well-being, professional development, strengthening student-faculty relationships, etc.

  • A column that is developed and maintained by students
    answers student questions and concerns and offers tips and info from a student perspective, and can serve to reinforce advice found elsewhere.  This space would need to be monitored by a student hire or staff person.  Other ideas include:

    • a student forum space
      for sharing their stories, announcing events, social activities, individual voices, and the news and buzz they generate.

    • A student blog
      complete with images, videos that showcases student experiences.

      Duke School of the Environment offers a good example of how this could be handled: Duke University student blogs;

      Ohio State offers another good example: "What I did this summer" blog 
    • This particular practice could be initiated by faculty assignments that serve a dual purpose of giving students writing practice as well as lending their voice to the college experience.
    • This could also be a marketing initiative, reinforcing the reputation of the college's supportive environment.
    • Supporting research: Children who use technology are 'better writers'

Areas of emphasis

Opportunities that will become increasingly important to students include:

  • Global Connections and Impacts
  • Professional and Leadership Development
  • Service to the World
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Dynamic projects that involve individual challenges and creative, unique, learning experiences

Suggestions and questions to inspire content strategies

Suggestions for energizing/ enhancing current student content