Executive Board

These are our officers and their email addresses in case you want to contact them.

President: Bobby Raggazino                                                                       

Senior in Geography                                                                                

Favorite Produce: Brussel Sprouts

Vice President: Rachel Hoh                                                            

Senior in Community, Environment, and Development & Spanish.               

Favorite Produce: Brussel Sprouts & Raspberries


Secretary: Audrey Davis                                                                    

Sophomore in Agroecology.                                                                      

Favorite Produce: Broccoli & Bell Peppers


Treasurer: Kelsey Yates                                                                              

Junior in Energy Engineering                                                                    

Favorite Produce: Peach

Web Master: David Martino

Junior in Agroecology                                                                             

Favorite Produce: All Leafy Greens


Events Coordinator: Veronica Lea Pasi                                                      

Junior in Environmental Resource Management                                       

Favorite Produce: Tomatoes and Onions