Penn State Equine Research Team

Our team is made up of students and others interested in using the scientific method to answer questions regarding the health and performance of the horse.

The Penn State Equine Research Team (PSERT) is an official student organization at Penn State.  We welcome all students, and hope that if you have any interest you will contact us or attend one of our meetings to find out more.

The Objectives of PSERT are:

  • To give undergraduate students an opportunity to experience equine research
  • Assist undergraduate students in comprehending the “real world” of equine research.
  • Provide a setting for informal and enlightening discussion of equine science.

Club President:

Club Adviser:
Dr. Burt Staniar
Assistant Professor
Department of Animal Science
The Pennsylvania State University

For more information, please email the Club at


Pulse and Respiration Training
September 10, 2018
Come join us this Tuesday September 11th at 6 PM at the New Horse Barn as Dr. Scott McAllister of Centre Equine Practice teaches us the proper method of measuring pulse and respiration on a horse! We will also be taking a PSERT group photo with the members who attend. *NOTE: you must attend this in order to volunteer at the 4-H Competitive Trail Ride next Saturday, September 15th.
Heart Rate and Respiration Hands-On
September 18, 2017
Come on out to the horse barns for this weeks meeting where we will be taught how to check the pulse and respiration of horses by Dr. McAllister, a local equine veterinarian and owner of Centre Equine Practice
Welcome Back PSERT!!
September 5, 2017
Welcome back everyone! As the semester begins to pick up we are setting up and getting ready to rock and roll with our research study. To learn more about the Equine Exercise Research study feel free to drop by our first meeting of the year September 5th at 7pm in 324 ASI and then once its over head over to the creamery for some club bonding and catching up!