Teach Ag! Society

All are welcome to be members of the Teach Ag! Society, a club established in 2013 to stimulate interest in agricultural education and leadership.

The purpose of the Teach Ag! Society is to:

  • Promote the high standards and ideals in agricultural and extension education
  • Promote a bond between individuals in and those that have an interest in the world of agricultural and extension education
  • Aid in the development of leadership, citizenship, and scholarship
  • Cooperate in promoting the interests of the national organization of Alpha Tau Alpha (the honorary Agricultural Education Fraternity)

If requirements are met, all members are able to obtain membership in the Alpha Tau Alpha honorary fraternity, a special degree status of the Teach Ag! Society. See the  Alpha Tau Alpha webpage for more information about this level of membership.

Teach Ag! Society meetings, both for business and committee work, are held as needed (usually bi-monthly) in 214 Ferguson. Please contact the president for any further information and we hope to see you soon!


Adviser: Dr. Daniel Foster

211 Ferguson

Twitter Handle: @FosterDanielD