Temple Grandin

Block and Bridle members received a special opportunity of having Dr. Temple Grandin speak with them about agriculture. You may have heard of Dr. Grandin from the movie that HBO made about her life. The movie explained how Dr. Grandin has autism, but it benefits by allowing her to see what animals see and figuring out the problems in livestock handling designs. Dr. Grandin is a well-known for her designs in animal handling facilities and also for talking about autism. Although Dr. Grandin's purpose for coming to Penn State was to talk about autism in the Eisenhower Auditorium that night, we were able to arrange for her to speak with the agriculture students for about an hour earlier in the day. She spoke with us about the regulations slaughtering facilities have in place such as how many times an electric prod was used on animals. There are set limits to the regulations and if the plant doesn't comply within the regulation they could be shut down. Dr. Grandin then talked to us about getting agriculture out to other people to show them what really goes on at farms and slaughter facilities. She really emphasized being activist for agriculture and to promote the industry. It was a great pleasure to have Dr. Temple Grandin speak with us.