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This computer rendering shows the structure of Shigella bacteria. Penn State researchers are helping public health officials identify possible infectious disease threats, so they can prepare prevention and treatment options.   Image: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Whole genome sequencing may help officials get a handle on disease outbreaks
August 6, 2019
In a series of studies, researchers showed that whole genome analysis can provide highly detailed information on pathogens in a timely fashion. The findings could help public officials prepare treatment and prevention options when disease outbreaks threaten the public.
Colin Geary and Nelson DiBiase, biorenewable systems majors in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences, successfully created a prototype of a fully compostable climbing hold.   Image: Penn State
Penn State biorenewable systems students climb to new heights in sustainability
August 5, 2019
From the top of Penn State's indoor rock climbing wall, climbers can enjoy views of Beaver Stadium, Rothrock State Forest and even a sunset over Happy Valley. From the ground, Colin Geary and Nelson DiBiase, biorenewable systems majors in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences, saw something different: a sport inspired by nature, using a wall’s worth of plastic.
Where Curiosity Leads-Catchmark with foam
Where Curiosity Leads
August 5, 2019
One scientist’s quest to create a replacement for plastics led him to something entirely different—a biofoam that fills traumatic wounds, stops bleeding, and dissolves as the wound heals.
The flowers and plantings in the 9-year-old demonstration plots at the site attract and nourish huge numbers of native bees, butterflies and other pollinators.    Image: Penn State
Yard and Garden Area at Ag Progress Days expands offerings
July 31, 2019
Creating pollinator-friendly landscapes again will be the focus of the Yard and Garden Area at Ag Progress Days, Aug. 13-15, but many other activities will be going on there, as well.
Among the most promising properties researchers saw in the skim milk powder created by high-pressure jet spaying and drying milk were marked increases in foam expansion and foam-volume stability. That means the skim milk powder is a great candidate for use in lattes.   Image: © Getty Images / walika
Novel powdered milk method yields better frothing agent
July 23, 2019
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — A novel method of processing — using high-pressure jets to spray milk and then quickly drying the spray — yields skim milk powders with enhanced properties and functionality, according to Penn State researchers, who say the discovery may lead to "cleaner" labels on foods.