Spring 2014 Delegate Meeting

April 9, 2014; Celebration Hall, State College, PA. Topic: "Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities around Organics and Sustainable Agriculture"
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The AgriLeader Internship Program is designed to enrich the learning experience in the College of Agricultural Sciences for undergraduate students by immersing them in a state agency/government setting. This semester-long internship will enable the student to gain experience related to agriculture, food, or natural resources in a related state-level agency, while bridging the gap between college life and a professional future.

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Presented by Mary Ellen Burris, Senior Vice President of Consumer Affairs, Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.

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Presented by Dr. Heather Karsten, Associate Professor, Department of Plant Sciences, Penn State University

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Presented by Charlie White, Extension Associate, Sustainable Agriculture, Penn State University

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Presented by Dr. Ted Jaenicke, Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics, Penn State University