The Penn State Agricultural Council was formed in 1961 as the primary forum for interaction between the College and its industry clientele. The Council serves in an advisory capacity to the College and in an advocacy capacity for the College.

In an effort to stay connected with the College's industry clientele and alumni, the Dean of the College makes a series of trips around the state visiting industry sites every year. The Council assists in hosting these tours. As part of the tours, the Dean holds an evening reception in each Extension region where local alumni, ag industry, and government representatives are invited. These receptions are co-hosted by the College's Alumni Office and the Penn State Ag Council and allow time for people to informally meet the Dean, as well as time for open forums in which the Dean will make preliminary comments.

The College of Agricultural Sciences supports over 260 active research projects that address Pennsylvania priorities such as bioenergy and bioproduct research; environmental sustainability; economic sustainability; animal, plant and human health; food quality and safety; and family and youth development.

The Penn State Ag Council created The Ag Action Network to establish and maintain a proactive and well-informed group of College advocates to communicate support for the College’s mission to Pennsylvania leaders and to educate them on agricultural issues.

College Capitol Day is sponsored by the Penn State Ag Council and the Penn State Extension Council as a forum for agribusiness and other friends of the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences to advocate for the college's agricultural research and extension programs in Harrisburg. It provides agriculture advocates an opportunity to collectively communicate to legislators the importance of agriculture to the state and the need for continued investment in its future.