Penn State Extension is the best choice for practical, science-based knowledge you can trust. We exist to partner with you to make your health, business, home, family, and community better.

Why Choose Penn State Extension?

Science Based: We're a modern educational organization dedicated to translating scientific research into real-world applications and education to drive progress.

On Your Terms: Extension services are available online, in the classroom, and at your location. We have a vast catalog of instructional and educational materials that are available in printed and digital form. We bring you the science-based information you need— when, where, and how you need it.

Penn State: We are Penn State. We are supported by the incredible resources, history, and talent of the University. What's more, we're tied into an international network of research universities that combine their efforts to make life better for everyone.

Relevant: We know Pennsylvania. We know you. We know that cookie cutter solutions don't work for the different people, communities and places we serve. We are designed to help you tackle the unique challenges and opportunities where you live.

Purpose: Penn State Extension is for you. We were originally created and exist today to bring you information to improve your life. We have no competing commercial or political agendas.

Evolving: Demographics, political realities, technology, market shifts, climate. The people, places, challenges and opportunities in Pennsylvania are changing day to day, and minute to minute. Our focus, research, materials, and means of communication are adapting to those demands, in real time.

For All: Rural. Urban. Young. Elderly. Health challenged. Caretakers. Community minded. Non-English speakers. Plain folk. Anyone at any stage of life with a desire to learn. We have programs and resources to improve the life of every Pennsylvanian.

We Are

Clear and concise. Readers know what we offer at first glance. When possible, we avoid jargon or academic vocabulary and use friendly, direct, everyday language that welcomes potential extension users.

Expert: We are Penn State. We are backed by the incredible resources, history, and talent the University brings to the table. We are not moved by commercial agenda, but by science and our mission of service.

Positive: We are glad to be here. It is our pleasure to be of service to our neighbors.

Effective: We employ engaging headlines, descriptive body content and clear calls to action that break through a crowded market. We persuade potential extension users to consider us by outlining our unique brand of products and services, and clearly instruct them on next steps.

Local: We know Pennsylvania. We know what issues face our consumers, no matter where they are.  We are staffed with experts in all 67 counties that are prepared to partner with you to tackle the unique challenges and opportunities where you live.

Always Never
Inviting Desperate
Expert Condescending
Fun Silly
Smart Smug
Serious Boring, overly technical
Proud Full of ourselves
Accessible Elitist