Magento will deliver e-commerce functionality, a best in class user experience, and will be integrated with Plone and other critical platforms in the system.

What is Magento?

The Commerce Strategy requires the integration of e-commerce capabilities within the current online Extension presence, and Magento is the software to deliver that e-commerce functionality and will be integrated with Plone and other critical platforms. Magento will serve as the main tool for managing products and other critical e-commerce functionality such as shopping, payments and marketing/communication tools.

Why Magento?

The Magento E-Commerce platform serves more than 110,000 merchants worldwide, is the #1 e-commerce software on the market, and is supported by a global eco-system of solution partners and third-party developers. Magento is a feature-rich, open-source, enterprise-class platform that offers merchants a high degree of flexibility and control over the user experience, catalog, content and functionality of their online store.  Below are some quick highlights of Magento:

  • Shopping Experience.  Provides e-commerce best practice functionality including filtered navigation, robust search, powerful engagement strategies, wishlist and gifting options, flexible shipping options, and mobile delivery.
  • Data.  Integrates with Salesforce and provides an easy, seamless and automated way to exchange data, including invitee and event data, between key on-demand applications.
  • User Control.  Manages the day-to-day operations such as customer/order data, product content, shipping calculations/rules without the need for IT support, as well as access to robust marketing tools.
  • Integrated.  Provides robust integration capabilities for a seamless integration with all Atlas platforms, providing a customized and easy interface for customers.
  • Security.  Provides PCI compliance (PA-DSS) and has implemented a development strategy addressing the future growth of platform PCI requirements, and integrates with required Penn State payment partners ( and Elavon).

How will Extension use Magento?

Magento will be integrated with Plone to manage products and e-commerce functionality for both clientele and back-end business users.  The integration of an e-commerce industry leader will provide a best in class user experience focused on engaging and converting clientele.  The user website will be integrated with Plone and that strategy will be finalized with a Magento partner, and all strategies will be shared with Extension as there are updates.

Who has the Expertise?

In addition to the talented Atlas team, we will be engaging a Magento implementation partner to assist with the development and integration of Magento.  This partner will work closely with the Atlas team to define criteria, implement, test, and optimize solutions, as well as provide ongoing support.

Magento Case Studies

The implementation of Magento has resulted in business and revenue growth for clients, and to see some case studies and customer stories please visit Magento Customer Success.  While many of the examples are not comparable to the Extension business model, it is apparent how the functionality, best practices and integration of other platforms will apply to the Atlas Project.