Adaptive Grazing Soil Health

Improving your farm's soil health is key in the overall success of your operation. This tour will focus on adaptive grazing management, where tall grass or high stock density grazing can drastically transform mediocre fields into highly productive pastures that can extend the grazing season well into winter.

We'll Discuss and detail the benefits to frequent animal moves, consideration for fencing and watering, as well as the forage benefits to tall grass grazing. In the second half of the tour we'll talk about diverse cover crop mixes for use in cropping or grazing systems and how to graze mixes for additional forage. Tour will feature hands-on activities with paddock rotation and fencing/watering system components, as well as evaluation of cover crop mixes to get a better look at rooting structures and soil improvement benefits.

Bus leaves daily at 10:30 am and 12:30 pm, with additional tours Tuesday and Wednesday at 2:30 pm.

Note: walking/standing involved. There will not be restrooms available.