The brewing industry in Pennsylvania has a $1.9 billion economic impact, and this figure is expected to rise annually. Hops, a perennial plant which produces cones, is a key ingredient in the brewing industry, as it is used to add flavor and/ or bitterness to beer. More than a century ago, PA was a prolific hops producer. In the late 1800's, plant diseases including powdery and downy mildews rapidly spread throughout the hopyards in PA leading to a rapid decline in hops production. As plant protection technology and research has improved, products and varieties of hops exist which can grow well in PA. This tour will look at Penn State's hop yard and the effort to evaluate these varieties for yield and quality characteristics. Equipment used in small scale hops production will also be displayed.

There is a Hops Research Presentation Daily at Noon in the Farm Family Learning Center (FF) Tues & Wed. and in the College Theater Thursday..... to give you information prior to this tour.

Bus leaves daily at 1:00 p.m.

Note: Walking and standing are involved and there will be no restrooms available. Tour is 1 hour in duration.