Conservation Exhibit Area

Located outside the J.D. Harrington Crops, Soils, and Conservation building, this area will host several demonstration plots

Beneficial Insects at the Pollinator Garden

Find out how to manage your farmland for a wide variety of the beneficial insects that are the natural enemies of crop pests and weeds.  Learn how to attract and retain helpful predators by providing some of the key resources they require to survive on your farm.  Many of these practices benefit pollinators and other wildlife.

Forage Brassica Pasture Demonstration Plots

Learn about pasture establishment and grazing of forage brassica pastures and brassica mixtures, compare planting methods, discuss seasonal forage mixtures, and share grazing experiences and new research. 

Penn State and Commercial Vendor Cover Crop Plot

Several seed companies will have plantings in the field for the producer to compare them side by side in actual cover crop planting conditions.

Soil Pit Demonstrations

Visit a variety of exhibits and demonstration to learn what healthy soil is, why it’s important, and what you can do to manage your soil health. Use the hands-on Web Soil Survey to see the difference between soils tilled and no-till systems.  See how cover crops can improve your soil health.