What's Happening for 2019?

Check out our exciting displays and demonstrations for our 2019 Ag Progress Days show!


Small Scale Farming Equipment Display & Vegetable Demonstration Plot

Vegetable growers will be interested in the new display focusing on how beds are pulled and covered with plastic, the laying and removal as well as irrigation techniques. Equipment will show how transplants are inserted in raised beds and maintained. The plot is located on Demo Alley at the end of West 10 & 11th Streets. Visit the Vegetable Tent to meet with exhibitors providing this type of equipment.

Butterfly Tent

Visit the "Painted Ladies" native species, provided by the Entomology Dept. for the Butterfly Tent in the Yard and Garden Area on W. 11th street.


Visit the College Exhibit Building

  • Battling the Spotted Lanternfly
  • Livestock Nutrition and Reproductive Health
  • Invasive Plant Species
  • Advancing Agriculture Sensing and Automation
  • Stream Degradation & the Invasion of the Round Goby

4-H Youth Expressive Arts Activities

  • See displays and participate in Hands-on activities
  • Learn more about programs in Animal Science: hobbies and careers

Research Tours

  • Beef Feedlot Tour, Why Do We Finish Cattle on Corn-Based Diets?
  • Habitat Management for Deer and Other Wildlife Tour
  • Forest Management Tour: Woods and Wildlife
  • Multifunctional Stream Buffers & Native Grass Field Tour
  • Russell L. Larson Farm Tours
  • Managing Livestock Pastures with Alternative Forages
  • Hops Research and Hopyard Tour
  • High Tunnel Tour
  • Managing Equine Pastures and Dry Lots 
  • Strategies for Improving Dairy Cropping Systems

Visit our "Research Tours" Page for more information on each tour!