Posted: November 1, 2017

The Alumni Society’s mission in 2017 is as up-to-date and meaningful today as it was when the society was created 50 years ago in 1967 under the leadership of Dean Russell Larson. The Ag Alumni Society has more than 31,000 living alumni worldwide, many of these alumni have volunteered their time and talents to create a vibrant alumni society that builds and sustains lifelong relationships between alumni and our College.

Ag Alumni Society Presidents

Ag Alumni Society Presidents

Student support and engagement continues to be one of the society's most significant efforts. Throughout the last 50 years, the society has established three scholarship endowments awarding almost $560,000 to 670 students making us the society with the highest amount of financial support for students out of all University college and campus societies.

Recognizing and rewarding extraordinary efforts of alumni, faculty, and staff has been another key objective of the society for the last 50 years. To name a few, the society established the Excellence in Academic Advising Award in 1985 and in 2001 created the Armsby Honor Society to recognize alumni who have demonstrated a commitment to the college and to foster their continued involvement in the college.

The society has initiated many worthwhile programs in 50 years and has so much to be proud of. Many of these programs are cited as exemplary by the University and on a national level. Some of these include our signature event, the Ag Live Tailgate, the Graduation event on the day of commencement, the Student Gift Bag Project during finals week, and the Career Workshop.

The success of the alumni society over the last 50 years is due to the dedicated service of hundreds of alumni volunteers. The society will continue to be a vital element in the College of Agricultural Sciences. The foundation for future achievements has been laid and the society's future endeavors will flourish.

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Alumni Society Presidents
Front row:
Scott McAllister (2011-13), Roxanne Molnar (2013-15), MeeCee Baker (1991-93), Danadee Miller-Boyle (Current)
Back row:
Larry Campbell (1999-2001), Karl Girton (1993-95), Dean Girton (2001-03), Nelson Loftus (2007-09), Michael Balas (1981-83), Alan Bair (1989-91)