Ag Alumni Society Seeking Active Volunteers

Posted: February 19, 2018

The Society is looking for active alumni volunteers to join a committee. Our annual committee meeting is May 19, 2018 and includes a working lunch. Giving back to your Alma Mater can mean a variety of things -- speaking in a class, engaging alumni or collaborating with board members to plan alumni and student events.

To attend the committee meeting scheduled for May 19, please contact the Alumni Relations Office at

Prior to the meeting, please review the three committee descriptions so you will know which committee you would like to join at the meeting.

1. Alumni Recruitment and Fellowship Committee
Promotes goodwill by providing opportunities for alumni to network and interact with each other, and with College faculty, staff, and students. Enhances alumni awareness of activities within the University, College, Society and Affiliate Program Groups (APGs). Activities include the Alumni Luncheon and Alumni Society Annual Meeting held at Ag Progress Days, Ag Live Alumni Tailgate, Graduation Brunches, and Alumni Receptions.

2. Student Enrollment and Engagement Committee
Supports students with their academic and career pursuits, assists the College in recruiting and retaining high-quality undergraduate students, and promotes awareness of the Society to students. Activities include the Mentoring Workshop, Student Gift Bag Project, and participation in the Ag Leap Picnic, College Club Fair, Parents and Families Day Open House, and the Senior Sendoff.

3. Development, Advocacy and Recognition Committee
Provides financial assistance, alumni expertise, advocacy, and volunteer effort for all the College programs. Promotes and rewards excellence by students, faculty, and alumni by providing awards for learning, teaching, advising, and career achievements. Activities include the Ag Live Sponsorship Program, Ag Live Auction, Alumni Awards, Faculty Awards, Student Awards, and Retiring Board Member Recognition.