Ag Alumni Profile - Kitty Reed '06 ANSC

Posted: January 2, 2014

Kitty Reed, a Cattle Territory Manager for Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. credits leadership and the relationships she built in the College of Agricultural Sciences to her current success.
Kitty Reed '06 AN SC

Kitty Reed '06 AN SC

By Jena Sigel, Ag Alumni Relations Intern

Career: Cattle Territory Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.

Jena Sigel, Ag Alumni Relations Intern, talked with Kitty Reed ’06 Animal Sciences about her career path with Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. She works alongside of veterinarians promoting animal heath while working with cattle producers tailoring to their needs.

“My student leadership experiences have enabled me to be a leader in my current position.”

1.    What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

The most challenging aspect of my job is multitasking to ensure everyone’s needs are exceeded. In my current position, I work with veterinarians, animal health dealers and large producers that reside in Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina. As you can imagine, I'm juggling the needs of a diverse group of individuals. Prioritizing their needs and scheduling accordingly can be a very difficult task at times. 

2.    How have you stayed connected to Penn State since you’ve graduated?
I'm a life member of the Penn State Alumni Association and the Ag Alumni Society, which provides me with regular updates on the happenings in and around the College of Ag Sciences and Penn State. I also remain an active member of the Penn State Stockmen’s Club, so I can stay connected with friends and colleagues within the agricultural industry.

3.    What is your favorite Penn State creamery flavor?
Bittersweet Mint!

4.    What advice would you give to current students?
Get Involved!  While your studies are an extremely important part of your college experience the additional activities that you choose to participate in will mold you for the future. For example, involvement in activities such as Block and Bridle Club, Horse Judging and Ag Advocates helped provide me with organizational and communication skills that I otherwise may not have gained. Get Internship Experiences! Internships provide you with connections within your industry that can assist you in obtaining a career after graduation. 

5.    What characteristics are needed to be successful in your career field?
Communications and strong interpersonal skills are essential in my career field. The ability to work with other individuals under stressful situations to help them achieve their goals is also important. Certainly, understanding animal science is very important, but communicating this information in a clear and concise manner is the key to success.

During her time at Penn State, Kitty was actively involved in the Block and Bridle Club, Horse Judging Team, Ag Advocates, Coaly Honor Society and National Society of Collegiate Scholars. She was Champion Showman of the 86th Little International and had the honor of serving as the 88th Little International Show Chairman. Kitty also competed in NESA, placing first in the paper-presentation contest and she was a member of the 2005 Horse Judging Team that received 3rd place honors at the Quarter Horse World Show. Kitty enjoys spending time with her family, which she credits to be her support system. In her spare time Kitty enjoys showing her quarter horse “Tucker” and spending time with her yellow lab, “Ella.”

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