Student Gift Bag Sponsors

Posted: May 8, 2012

The Student Gift Bag project was a tremendous success thanks to the generous support of our sponsors.

Eighty gift bags were presented to College of Ag Sciences student leaders in the Ag Advocate Group and the Ag Student Council Organization, as well as recipients of the Alumni Society Scholarship Award and the Alumni Society Internship Award.

Student Gift Bags are presented to students during Finals Week. The note on each bag says "We care about you and your efforts to do well during the hardest week of the semester, so here are some goodies to help you get through finals!", and includes a complete list of sponsors.

Sponsors for the gift bags include:

The Ag Alumni Society

Ag Alumni Society Board Members
  The Cowden Family
  Mike and Michelle Kowalewski
  Ray and Ann Meyer
  Roxanne and Matthew Molnar
  Mary and Martin Smith

  Ag Choice Farm Credit
  College of Ag Sciences Undergraduate Education Office
  Bloomer Chocolate
  Costas Foods, Inc.
  DelGrosso Foods, Inc.
  Furmano Foods, Inc.
  Hatfield Quality Meats
  Herlocher Foods, Inc.
  The Hershey Company
  Knouse Foods Cooperative, Inc.
  Land O' Lakes
  Lebanon Turf
  Marcellus Shale Coalition
  Quality Hardwoods
  Snyder of Berlin
  Stauffer Biscuit Company
  Wenger's Feed Mill

For information on donating to the Student Gift Bag project next Spring, please contact Naomi Knaub or Leslie Essy in the Alumni Relations Office at 814-865-2717.