Ag Alumni in the Classroom - Harry Sebring '73 AN SC

Posted: September 21, 2012

Recently, I had the honor of meeting Harry Sebring '73 Animal Sciences in class. Mr. Sebring was the guest speaker in 'Careers in Animal Science' class where he shared his experiences in the equine industry with Morgan horses. Owner of Sebring Stables, he started his business from the barn floor up, and has grown it into a prestigious family-owned operation.
Harry Sebring ’73 AN SC speaks with current students.

Harry Sebring ’73 AN SC speaks with current students.

By Jena Sigel, Ag Alumni Society Intern

Sebring Stables

Having a passion for the Morgan breed at a very young age, Sebring has always been intrigued with animals. Sebring chose his career path at the Hazleton campus starting in the fall of 1969. That same year, he had his own boarding barn and operated it on the side along with a part-time position with a veterinarian. He finished his degree in Animal Sciences in 1973 at University Park in which he hoped to earn his veterinarian degree soon after.

“My dream was to become a veterinarian but when vet school didn’t happen for me, I had to find an alternative and that was training horses," states Sebring.

He continued his love for Morgan horses and gained enough experience with training show horses and won the World Champion horse title in 1975. He met his future wife and business partner in 1980 and started their own horse farm.

In 1983, Sebring acquired his judging card to voice his opinion in horse shows and was later elected as a chairman of the Morgan Judges Standards committee. He previously served as the Director at Large, Vice President of Finance and most recently was elected President for the American Morgan Horse Association. Sebring Stables has grown into a profitable business including horse sales, mare care, boarding, reproduction, and consulting. Joining Sebring Stables, his son, Jim Sebring graduated with a B.S. Animal Sciences in 2011.


L-R Harry Sebring ’73 AN SC, Jim Sebring ’11 AN SC and Molly O’Guinn, junior AN SC.

Molly O’Guinn, a current Animal Sciences student with a concentration in the Equine Sciences minor, has been a lifelong friend of the Sebring family. It was a treasured moment for these three to reunite after the classroom presentation.