Ag Alumni in the Classroom - Andrew Herr '07 AN SC

Posted: December 14, 2012

Not only is Andrew Herr passionate about his career in the poultry industry, but also about his contributions working with Rembrandt Enterprises, Inc as the Business Development Manager. As a recipient of the 2012 Outstanding Recent Alumni award, Herr is well deserving of this honor as he has experienced a lifetime of career entities.
Andrew Herr, 2007 Animal Sciences and Outstanding Recent Alumnus.

Andrew Herr, 2007 Animal Sciences and Outstanding Recent Alumnus.

By Jena Sigel, Ag Alumni Relations Intern

Poultry Industry

Andrew Herr explained to the class of his position when he was in our seats. Being curious, Herr asked Rembrandt Enterprises Inc., during his undergraduate studies if they offered any internship positions. After much disappointment he learned that the company did not offer any at the time. Being that the driven and innovative person that he is, he wrote an internship proposal letter to Rembrandt as well as sending a resume and cover letter, seeking approval to get an internship.

Rembrandt and its owners were impressed with Herr and made room in their company to allow Herr to do an internship experience. From entry level to industrial, Herr experienced the company from all aspects. Being very successful early on with Rembrandt, he wrote a few business proposals during his internship experience. One of those business proposals received funding, and Herr was on his way to making a whole new division of the business. With this new innovative idea, Herr introduced a by-product of eggs to be usable in the pet food industry.

Herr explains that during his internship experience is when he hit a milestone in his career, and he learned what it took to put a project together. While working for Rembrandt, Herr realized he needed more experience with communication and marketing. Herr was able to maintain a full time job in St, Louis Park, MN while finishing his degree at Penn State in University Park, PA. During his travels, he was also able to experience international agriculture, flying to different countries a few times a month.

Andrew Herr

Andrew Herr speaks with current student Taylor Thorpe Animal Sciences major and Poultry and Avian Science minor, on possible internships in the poultry industry.


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