Internship Award Setting Goals and Objectives

Tip Sheet

An internship is designed to help you to experience what it is really like working in your field of interest, to help you apply the theory and skills you have learned in the classroom setting, and for your personal development.

Within these broad parameters, you and your internship employer will have individual and common professional goals and objectives. You need to consider these and discuss them with your potential employer before you start your internship.

By setting goals and objectives before you start, you will have a benchmark against which you can assess your achievements and your personal development. This will help you to write your Internship Award application report at the end of your internship.

When you and your employer discuss the tasks planned for your internship, and determine your learning outcomes, remember that your internship should be:

  • relevant to your future employment goals;
  • challenging but not so challenging that the tasks overwhelm you; and
  • relevant and useful to the business or activities in which your employer is engaged.

Throughout your internship, your goals should reflect the major learning experiences you would like to achieve during your internship. Some things to consider:

  • academic learning -- applying the knowledge learned in the classroom to the work environment;
  • career development -- developing knowledge of a position in order to pursue a particular interest or career option;
  • skill development -- gaining an understanding of the technical skills and knowledge required in the workplace;
  • personal development -- gaining decision-making and critical thinking skills as well as increased confidence and self-esteem.