Members on the Alumni Board of Directors are elected to serve three-year terms, with five new members elected each year. In addition to the elected members, the board also includes ex officio directors and associate directors.

Board Resources


  • Matt Owens, President
  • Susan McNulty-Atwater, President-Elect
  • Caleb Wright, Financial Secretary
  • Lisa Kirby, Immediate Past-President

Elected Members (voting)

Terms Expiring in 2023 Terms Expiring in 2024
Erskine "Chad" Cash II '88 AN PROD Marissa Dillon '12 AGRO
Ken Kane '82 FOR PROD Andy Schlegel '12 FD SCI
Matthew Owens ’93 LSCPE Jody Kull '01 AN BIO
Kristina McAllister ’10 AN SCI  Ronda Roemmelt Sneider '95 AG SCI
Caleb Wright '14 AG EXT ED 

Terms Expiring in 2025 Terms Expiring in 2026
Megan Wilkerson '18 ENT Darryl Blakey '15 ANSCI
Kenny KAne '14 FORSC Laurel Rush '96 AG ED
Janelle Hoffman '10 ANSCI
Mark Kuhns ' 77 GEN AG
Kyle Feldman '08 AG

Affiliate Program Group Designee

(Terms determined by the Affiliate Program Groups they represent)

Ag Advocates Danadee Miller-Boyle, '84 Ag Sci
Ag & Biological Engineering (inactive)
Ag Economics Sociology and Education Robert Storch, '65 Ag BM
Ag Mechanization & Systems (inactive)
Agronomy Mary Smith '74 Agronomy
Dairymen's Club Duane Norman '64 Dairy Science
Environmental Resource Management (inactive)
Equine Alek Tomazin '14 ANSCI
Food Industry Andy Hirneisen '07 Food Sci
Forest Resources and Ecosystem Science and Management Group  Corbin Rinehart '11 Wood Products
Stockman's Club Courtney Cowden-Gray, '12 AG SCI

Ex-Officio Directors (nonvoting)

Undergraduate Education Office Tracy Hoover '83 An Industry, '90 Ph.D. Ag Ed
(Associate Dean)
Penn State Alumni Association Jason Foster
Graduate School Alumni Society Merrilee Anderson
Ag Council Ken Kane '82 For Prod
Development and Alumni RelationsOffice Lauren Steinberg (Development), Kelly Praskovich (Alumni)
Communications and College Relations Mary Wirth

Associate Director of Alumni Relations

Kelly Praskovich
  • Associate Director of Alumni Relations

Development and Alumni Relations


240 Agricultural Administration Building
University Park, PA 16802