Animal Health Pride

The Animal Health and Biomedical Sciences Pride will introduce you to current concepts in the maintenance of animal health and the application of scientific information to health related decision making.

You will have the opportunity to apply biomedical sciences to disease prevention programs in companion animals, food animals and horses.

The course will emphasize the biology of infectious diseases, the immune response and toxicology. In the communications component of the pride you will learn to think analytically, critically evaluate scientific information and to formulate and communicate your views through written communication.

Guest speakers, field trips and interactive activities will supplement the course materials and enrich the educational experience. In addition you will investigate the wide variety of possible careers in animal health and the biomedical sciences.

Courses for Animal Health and Biomedical Sciences are:

  • Mechanisms of Disease (VB SC 050S.201 [FYS], 3 credits)

    Note: this course does not meet General Education requirements other than first year seminar.

  • Effective Speech (CAS 100A. [GWS], 3 credits)