An Eventful Week

Posted: July 16, 2012

See what the Ag LEAP students were up to during the week of July 9.

The Ag LEAPers had an eventful week at PSU.  Following an awesome afternoon tour of Beaver Stadium on Tuesday, the LEAPers attended a networking dinner with various alumni from the College of Agricultural Sciences.  The alumni had the opportunity to share their wisdom with the LEAPers, who began to build their professional networks. 

The LEAPers in the Agricultural ethics pride had a full day on Wednesday. After boarding the bus at 7:30am, they headed to Altoona for a tour of DelGrosso's food processing plant.  They learned about the protocols and processes associated with making tomato sauce and salsa, and they witnessed these products being made.  After a quick lunch and bathroom break, the pride continued to Bedford County for a tour of Lampire Biological Laboratory's processing facility where they learned about the biotech industry and about its important role in their lives.  Afterword, they continued to Lampire's 400-acre farm, where animals are raised for their blood, which is processed to make products.  They rode around the farm on a hay wagon, and saw various species of animals.