Ag LEAP Team Building

Posted: June 27, 2012

Tuesday, June 26: Team Building Event

On June 26, Ag LEAP participated in a team building event led by Brynn Rousselin and Steph Flanagan, both from Penn State's Office of Human Resources.  The students were placed into 8 groups of 6 students each and participated in activities, earned points, and earned prizes. 

First, each group earned points if they, for example, were still friends with someone from kindergarten or indicated the number of stated or countries they've visited.  The collective points of each of the group members added up to the group winners.

Next, there were 10 stations set up, each with specific points values for completion of a certain task.  Each group had to completed all 10 stations, but then could decide which station to visit again to earn the most points.  Stations included team rope jumping, catching pennies from their elbows, and human Mastermind.  Congratulations to the Dogs for winning the competition!

Last, the groups were asked to come up with their top 3 reasons for attending Ag LEAP.  The creativity was amazing!  Each group added some type of art work to their papers with their group identity.  These lists will be compiled and students will vote online for their top 10.  Can't wait to see how it turns out!

All in all, we're off to an awesome summer.  Classes start today and I know this group is ready!  Good luck to all!