Ethics and Issues Pride

The Agricultural, Food & Environmental Ethics and Issues Pride will introduce you to issues, opportunities and challenges facing Pennsylvania and the United States within the context of the global community.

Through the communications component of this "Pride", you will learn to better understand and critically evaluate issues, and to formulate and communicate your personal views through oral and written communication.

Guest speakers, field trips and interactive activities will supplement the course materials and enrich the educational experience.  In addition, you will be exposed to numerous careers and networking opportunities with our internationally acclaimed faculty and staff, current students and alumni.  Program activities will introduce you to faculty and their areas of research in the college.

Courses for Agricultural, Food & Environmental Ethics and Issues are:

  • Introduction into Ethics and Issues in Agriculture (AG 160S.201 [GH], 3 credits)

  • Effective Speech (CAS 100A. [GWS], 3 credits)