AG Futures Session Four

Posted: November 22, 2010

Strategic Imperatives for Future Growth

The last session of the AG Futures team was held on November 22, 2010, with presentations given on the four college strategic imperatives identified through the process, which focused on:

  • Potential long-term impact in food/fiber production, food security and safety
  • Potential long-term impact in sustainability
  • Cooperative Extension of the 21st century
  • Potential long-term impact in human and animal health

 Some outcomes included:

  • Recognition of key opportunities in the relationship among agriculture, food, and health
  • Bridge between animal and human health is key strength area
    • Animal care and welfare is a gap
  • Clear sense that we need to look creatively at Cooperative Extension model
  • Sustainability will continue to be emphasized by Penn State, and the college has much to offer
    • Inventorying and marketing the work we currently do is first step
  • Discussed the idea of "connectors" that provide for the building of interdisciplinary teams that have a big picture approach
  • Global perspective emerged as a critical strength in every conversation
  • Noted the gap on issues in forestry and fiber that needs to be addressed

 Next steps will be to effect change by:

  • Using the products of the AG Futures process
  • Addressing the Penn State review process
  • Identifying a full set of financial tools