New Vision for Penn State Extension

Penn State Extension empowers statewide program teams of Extension Educators who focus programming on areas of excellence within the college that is delivered through a county-based presence and provides stakeholders universal access to research-based information and solutions through existing and emerging technologies.

A new vision for Penn State Extension

  1. A unified organization focused on strategic areas of excellence
    • Leverages all college resources and functions collectively and efficiently as one organization to meet stakeholder needs
    • Prioritizes program focus around an interdisciplinary, systems approach that leverages the college’s areas of excellence around  the sustainable intersection of three interrelated systems: food and fiber; ecosystems; and socioeconomic system.
  2. With a program team approach to research and educational program development and delivery
    • Shifts from geographic-based programming to audience-based programming focusing on Ag sector needs and priority issues
    • Provides statewide access to expertise and a visible point of contact through statewide program teams
    • Empowers program teams to collectively and continuously improve program quality and stakeholder satisfaction
    • Leverages and compliments program team members’ strengths and expertise to maximize the teams' impact
    • Provides high quality, consistent educational programs statewide
  3. Distributed through a county-based presence addressing local needs
    • Maintains a local office, connection and presence with Educators/Team members strategically located in all counties and delivering programs locally
    • Provides a key, county-based distribution network for all Extension programming
  4. In collaboration with diverse, statewide partnerships
    • Leverages key partnerships, resources, expertise, and volunteers to address Pennsylvania priorities - including county commissioners, commodity groups, non-profits, government agencies, clients, etc.
  5. And providing stakeholders universal access to research-based information and programs through diverse technologies and formats
    • With the evolution of technology and customer expectations, shifting from information distribution to information access model
    • In addition to face to face programs - provides universal access to comprehensive information and online communities through various formats (e.g., Web, e-books, mobile, webinars, blogs, etc.), so stakeholders can access information when they want it, where they want it, and how they want it