Academic Unit Structure Team Reports and Feedback

A Glimpse into the Future

We are currently identifying an academic structure that will best position us to meet the following declaration:

To be one of the top five colleges of agricultural sciences in the United States and an international leader in understanding the natural and human systems underlying agricultural and natural resource sciences, translating that understanding to enhance quality of life, and educating the leaders of today and the future.

To achieve this declaration, we must increase flexibility and collaboration across units to better address current and longer-term opportunities and challenges facing our stakeholders and society. Six teams were charged to propose potential structures, and those proposals currently are being assessed.

Details of the process and purpose can be found here.

Next Steps

  • Review six draft proposals below
  • Provide input and comments
  • A single plan will be presented by the Dean with further opportunities for input
  • A final plan will be presented 
March 9, 2011 Update: The original timeline has been delayed due to the need to focus on the time-sensitive issue of addressing the state budget proposal.  The college will continue to move this initiative forward aggressively in order to achieve the priorities identified in the AG Future process once the budgetary information can be assessed. 

Feedback on College Restructuring

Prudence dictates that we delay the final decision on the new structure until after we know more about the state budget.  Meanwhile we invite your suggestions as we work to transform our academic structure to facilitate the collaborative identification of interdisciplinary solutions to real-world problems in agriculture and natural resources. 

Send your ideas to Dean Bruce McPheron to inform his thinking regarding the shape our new college structure should take.


Restructuring Team Reports (zip file)

Core Competencies

Please note: The Team Reports are drafts for consideration purposes only. Contact Mary Wirth in our College Relations office if you have any questions.

A press release detailing the college restructuring process