After the first day, Ag Arena and facilities basic fees will be half-day rates.

AreaPer Day Half Day
Arena $300 $150
Holding barns (each) $150 $75
Arena conference room $75 $37.50
Arena mezzanine $75 $37.50
Milking station $150 $75

Users are responsible for providing all feed and bedding for the duration of the event. Arrangements can be made for bedding and manure clean-up in the holding barns to be provided by Farm Operations and Services. Groups requiring the service should contact the manager well in advance of their event. All charges are hourly unless otherwise noted.

Labor - $30/ hr regular time; $45/ hr overtime

Skid Loader - $15

Tractor Loader - $10

Tractor & Manure Spreader - $18

Hauling - $0.75/mile

Pressure washer - $10

Power broom - $5