Cryptosporidum, Cattle & Drinking Water

Plato P.T. Chen (Senior Scientist, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission) and Daphne Pee (Regional Liaison, Mid-Atlantic Water Program) present compelling linkages between agricultural practices and drinking water contamination – specifically with pathogens such as Cryptosporidium (a Protozoan parasite associated with large outbreaks of human illness referred to as cryptosporidiosis). This webinar was held July 22, 2010.

As Pennsylvania’s ag and environment practitioners seek increased conservation on the ground at the farmscape level to protect water quality– consider the linkage between BMPs and public health as one more compelling tool for encouraging producers to continue to improve manure management. Pennsylvania conservation district-, Extension, NRCS-, animal health, and ag consultant professionals are often the first line of defense in working with the producer – and are uniquely positioned to incorporate the issues related to public health and drinking water protection into discussions RE: the conservation suite of practices necessary for today’s farmers.  Included in this webinar discussion about public health and drinking water quality are the questions RE: how this pathogen impacts herd health as well.