Nutrient Management & Treatment Technologies

Just a sample of what this collection of webinars and presentations holds includes environmental stewardship on equine operation, livestock and renewable energy, innovative technologies for manure application, farm scale treatment, precision feeding and more.

Barry Frantz (NRCS) highlights conservation practice funding opportunities that support environmental stewardship on horse operations in Pennsylvania. He joins Extension specialist Dr. Ann Swinker and Equine Extension Educator Donna Foulk for today’s program. Ann and Donna serve as co-chairs of Penn State Extension’s Equine Work Group with Tom Walker, County Extension Director, Mifflin County. This webinar was held April 29, 2010.

Speakers for this session include David Dunn, Cow Power Coordinator for Central Vermont Public Service, and Paul Patterson, Professor of Poultry Science, Penn State University. This webinar was held April 22, 2010.

The next generation of manure application technologies, essential to improving reductions of nutrients from agriculture to the Chesapeake Bay, is the focus of this week’s Manure du jour program. This webinar was held April 15, 2010.

This Manure du jour session, was originally titled “Digesters v. Super Digesters – On Farm and Regional Approaches” but the content specialists quickly pointed out that what we are really looking at are farm scale treatments and regional facility approaches – of which digesters are one component – often packaged with other treatments – brimming with multiple characteristics, trade-offs, and considerations. This is why the session was appropriate re-named as “FOLLOW THE NUTRIENTS: Farm scale treatment (including digesters) and regional facilities”. This webinar was held March 11, 2010.

Speakers for this presentation include Virginia Ishler, Department of Dairy and Animal Sciences, Penn State University, and Sarah Dinh, Department of Dairy and Environment, Penn State Extension. This webinar was held March 4, 2010.

This week’s Manure Du Jour focuses on Land Applications & Water Quality. Presenters discuss research and practices for improved management including innovative practices for manure in land applications. Speakers from this webinar include Peter Kleinman, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Rob Meinen, PSU Dairy and Animal Science, and Mark Goodson, NRCS. This webinar was held February 19, 2009.

Presenters for this session are Ann Swinker, Professor of Dairy and Animal Science, Penn State University, Beth Futrick, Ombudsman, Pennsylvania Agricultural Ombudsman Program & Blair County Conservation District, and Jerry Martin, Extension Associate, Crop and Soil Sciences, Penn State University. This webinar was held January 28, 2009.

Speakers for this session include Jana Malot, State Grassland Conservationist , Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) Pennsylvania Office, Sarah Dinh, Dairy and Environment Extension Educator, Penn State Cooperative Extension, Lancaster County, and Paul Patterson, Professor of Poultry Science, Penn State Department of Poultry Sciences. This webinar was held January 21, 2009.

Dr. Bob Graves, Penn State Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, hosts Dr. Stephanie Lansing, Assistant Professor of Ecological Engineering at the University of Maryland - who presents on research around small-scale digester design for a variety of applications.