Nutrients in Turf: Essential or Expendable?

Dr. Peter Landschoot presents the research and science on turfgrass management and nutrient considerations along with promising BMPs for improved management of lawns, golf courses, and athletic fields. This webinar was held June 30, 2010.

Speaker:  Dr. Peter Landschoot, Professor of Turfgrass Science with the Penn State Department of Crop and Soil Science and the Center for Turfgrass Science. 

Turf management is a high priority for Pennsylvania.  Across the Chesapeake Bay region, growing interest in the contributions of urban, suburban, and rural landscapes,  and the turf they host, to the nutrient and sediment loads impacting local and larger receiving waters is being explored in state watershed implementation plans slated to direct efforts for meeting the total maximum daily load (TMDL) to be imposed across the Bay.