Using Industrial Resources of Byproducts for Nutrient Sequestration

Dr. Ray Bryant, Research Leader and Soil Scientist, USDA ARS Pasture System and Watershed Management, University Park, PA provides a review of the literature and work related to use of industrial resources and byproducts in the treatment/removal/sequestration of field level nutrients. This webinar was held April 8, 2010.

This is an area of great interest for the Chesapeake Bay watershed farms – as well as farms in all landscapes in which field runoff threatens local water quality and nutrient loading in receiving waters. Dr. Robert Hedin is President of Hedin Environmental and Iron Oxide Recovery Inc.  Trout Unlimited has received funding through the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s Innovative Sediment & Nutrient Reduction in the Chesapeake Bay program for a project titled “Controlling Phosphorus in Animal Waste Management Systems with Mine Drainage Residuals”.  Bob is a primary partner on the project.  This project seeks to demonstrate innovations in decreasing phosphorus in manure management systems through the application of residual solids from acid mine drainage areas. Amy Wolfe, Director of Abandoned Mine Programs for Trout Unlimited provides a brief introduction of Bob Hedin’s work and TU’s desire to identify win-win solutions to environmental problems (combining ag- and acid mine drainage treatments).

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