Air Quality - Nutrition & Greenhouse Gas Emissions

This webinar covers topics that are critical for those working within the ag- and environment sector who must remain up-to-date on current research and practices to provide relevant support to producers and others. This expert panel highlights the research, findings, and options for best management to reduce air emissions from animal ag operations. Speakers from this webinar were Alex Hristov, PSU Dairy and Animal Sciences, Al Rotz, USDA Agricultural Research Service, and Wendy Powers, Michigan State University, Animal Science and Ag and Biosystems Engineering. This webinar was held March 25, 2009.

Topics covered in this webinar are:

  • Greenhouse gases from swine and poultry operations: nutritional approaches to mitigate emissions, by Dr. Wendy Powers
  •  Greenhouse Gas Emissions and the Carbon Footprint of Dairy Farms, by Dr. Alan Rotz
  •  Feeding Strategies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Ruminants, by Dr. Alexander Hristov