Manure du Jour

This webinar series covers Pennsylvania's Best Practices on Animal Agriculture, Water Quality, and Air Quality.

This collection of webinars and their resources are everything air quality including manure storage, treatment and land aplication, mitigation technologies, housing and barnyard, nutrition and greenhouse gas emissions, nutrition and ammonia emissions, and the issues.

This section includes Ag & Environment Partnership webinar offerings.

Just a sample of what this collection of webinars and presentations holds includes environmental stewardship on equine operation, livestock and renewable energy, innovative technologies for manure application, farm scale treatment, precision feeding and more.

Some emerging issues discussed in this collection includes using industrial resources of byproducts for nutrient sequestration, demystifying the TMDL, movement of estrogen and other emerging contaminants through the water environment, and the surplus nutrients to deficit regions.

This collection of webinars and presentations includes topics of water quality with manure storage, both liquid and dry.

What stream and river problems stem from livestock access? What are the sources of these problems? How can these problems be reduced by near-stream practices? These resources explore these questions and describe the best management practices for these situations.

These resources explore what tools are out there for farmers that ultimately benefit them and the community around them like helping to reduce soil loss and improve water quality and more.