Octoraro Watershed

Outreach and Technology Transfer in a Plain Sect Community. Dr. John Shuman is joined by Kyle Zieba, and Patrick Fasano to examine the work underway in Pennsylvania's Octoraro Watershed to improve water quality.

The Octoraro Watershed Association

The Octoraro Watershed Association, founded in 1967 in Lancaster County, and its innovative approaches to reaching Plain Sect agricultural leaders and transferring technology is a model for whole community watershed improvements.  Octoraro Watershed Association President, Dr. John Shuman with associates exams the history of this watershed - and how outreach to the Plain Sect has enhanced community based environmental outcomes.  For more information about the Octoraro Watershed Association, visit its website at:


  • Dr. John Shuman- Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson Inc., and Octoraro Watershed Association
  • Kyle Zieba- Enforcement Officer and Case Developer, US EPA Region III
  • Patrick Fasano- Octoraro Watershed Association
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